Saturday, 17 July 2010


That's just what it was like in the shop today. We were all buzzing around like little bees. Apart from Spindle. He's a fuckin' BIG bee and today he got his frame back from Flakey. It's a bit...well...ORANGE if you ask me but then, my tanks Orange too. So....

Stewart picked up his Knuckle and was well pleased but struggled to kick it over fiirst time. Benny did the gentlemanly thing and got the "Glory" kick. Of course it kicked over first time...a bit like my shovel now. Took that for a run today...LOVELY.

Baz came in with his new Triumph lump and we whacked that in a frame too...That is gonna look neat in his gooseneck frame.

...and I forgot to mention Zippy grabbed me balls...OOOOOOOOOOOWHA!

You Bald Twat!

1 comment:

zip said...

What did you expect when you kept thrusting them towards me ya tart!