Monday, 27 September 2010

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Thanks Zack

Got my Tees and stickerds from Zack at FMA a couple of weeks ago...Cheers Man great Tee Shirts.

Thanks Steve

Saw Steve after he had returned from The Drags...Cool dude with cool bikes and a fellow Stocker to boot! Gave me some new stickers...Thanks Bro!
Check out his blog HERE

Street Chopper

Arrived yesterday and brightened my day. Thought my subscription had ran out and can't afford a new one! So I was well pleased.

Shop Class... Soulcraft. Written by shop owner and philosopher Matthew B. Crawford this book should see you through the dark nights that are now enveloping the UK. Bit heavy going but well worth it.

Catch Up

Loads has been happenening of previous post...

Just want to say thanks to a few folks who have been kind enough to send me stuff.

Adam Wright for his new as ever. Thanks Adam you even put a freebie in there too.

If you haven't seen his work then go and check it out.

Loss of a Friend

Not been around my Mac the past few weeks as a Close Friend of mine passed away suddenly. He had recently recovered from Terminal Liver Cancer and had been given another chance at life ( and riding his Triumphs!) with a Liver Transplant early on in the year. He came to visit a couple of weeks ago and then went over to a mutual friends place where he suffered a Brain Aneurysm. He never regained consciousness and died a week later in hospital. His partner Caz, sister Kate, Ewen, Leslie and I were with him at the time. He will be sadly missed by all. His funeral went well and was attended by hundreds of friends and colleagues. He used to run a blog giving inspiration and hope to other Cancer patients. He was a great inspiration to everyone...