Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Created by Scarlett & Simo Stockers so it has to be good!

The Dirty Magazine will be dedicated to the love and appreciation of old shit, from slot machines, hot rods and caf├ęs to guitars, vintage fairgrounds, motorcycles, music and clothing – as well as people who have learnt and practice old skills in the modern world, for instance corsetry, blacksmithing, signwriting, maintaining old machinery etc...

The first issue is due out in July and (amongst regular features like album / book reviews, how-to's, how-nots etc) it will feature guitars made from tin, the art of corsetry, stock car racing in the 60s, Indianscot's 2 Face, the story of Chicken Snake and Jerry Teel, a handsome Model A, Gypsy Tours in the 1930s, and a bit of pinball wizardry thrown in for good measure.

The Dirty Mag will be quarterly and will be available through the DB shop - we'll keep you informed of developments!

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