Friday, 5 February 2010


...this week! Got my grubby hands on Greasy Kulture and then DicE arrive. I even won a hat in their recent competition...Thanks Matt...Thanks Dean!

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Flamesey said...

Mine arrived today Bobby so I'm just about to grab a beer out of the garage and have a read and laugh about the barney I had today with Mr & Mrs Paininthearse the new neighbours when I asked them to get their chippie to move his van.....couldn't hear a f@@@ing word they were saving above the loud pipes of my Street Bob and with my ear plugs in......revenge is

They've put white stakes in the ground showing the boundary and they should realise they were totally out of order asking you guys to move off MY land last week..tossers...

Thinking of going to Bike week in Ireland in June..if I do, I'll be firing up the bike about midnight to catch the 2.30 ferry..LMFAO