Sunday, 24 January 2010

Today we went to Wales...

...and ended up in Swindon with Steve and Johnny of Britstockers fame. We made the journey to Port Talbot in just over 2 hours in beautiful weather. The sun was shining and so was the company. We picked up Paul's bike and then headed east to Swindon to collect Benny's reborn Triumph...thanks to Steve & Johnny. By the time we arrived back in the Midlands it was pissing down.

A great day out. Shame it wasn't on the bikes!


Flamesey said...

Yeah Bobby..lets have a Wales rideout in the summer..I'll buy the ice creams

Trawler said...

we need to ride to the big flatrack meeting in wales this year.

May 29th/30th, Amman Valley,Wales.