Monday, 29 June 2009


Well thanks to Bobbie me bike is now fully functional and is running a new S&S Shorty carb. Got to tweak the mixture a bit but it moves in the manner for which it was designed. 

The weather has been Californian so I have been throwing it about the town scaring other riders. I understand the UK is gonna have a heat wave so it's T shirts and vans and the minimum of cranial protection (my old Arthur Fulmer suffices). I may also wear trousers on the lower regions...don't want to scare too many people!

The shovel is still poorly but will be around soon so keep 'em peeled for it's debut.


Trawler said...

Get out there and cool down your Nads!
it's great weather for biking innit mate!

BOB'S BLOG said...

Cool down my nads mate? I don't know about your bike mate but my pipes generate enough heat to boil mine!

Anonymous said...

very rad scooter!